McClung, Macha have their meeting

No surprise here: Seth McClung was still saying all the right things after his meeting with manager Ken Macha on Sunday in which Macha laid out his plans for the starting rotation.

McClung was told that he’ll continue “stretching out” as a starter all spring, but that he’s currently sixth on the depth chart. Assuming all five of the team’s current starters make it through camp without an injury, McClung will begin the year in the bullpen.

He prefers to start, but McClung said he appreciated the “upfrontedness” shown him by Macha, general manager Doug Melvin and assistant GM Gord Ash.

“I’ve got to really commend everyone for being up front with me,” McClung said. “It’s pretty obvious what’s going on, but I’ve been in positions before where it’s obvious, but nobody says anything.

“It’s really professional and classy to come out and break it down for me. They really encouraged me that my role on this team is going to be big, and even though it’s a situation where I’m not going to start [at the beginning of the season], I’ll get an opportunity at some point.”

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