Hart's $3.25 million deal is done

Doug Melvin’s streak is still alive.

Melvin, who has not gone to an arbitration hearing with a player since he took the helm as the Brewers’ general manager in September 2002, avoided one with right fielder Corey Hart on Tuesday when the sides agreed to a one-year contract.

In his first year of arbitration eligibility, Hart was seeking $3.8 million in arbitration while the Brewers offered $2.7 million, and Hart said he settled right at the midpoint. He will earn $3.25 million this season.

“That was always the goal, to get to that spot,” Hart said. “It feels pretty good.”

Talks were pushed along with news of the compromise between outfielder Andre Ethier and the Dodgers, who settled on a $3.1 million deal. Ethier and Hart have posted comparable statistics over their three seasons, though Hart has more home runs and RBIs (55 and 212 to 44 and 196) while Either has the superior career batting average and on-base percentage (.299 and .364 to .277 and .323).

The Dodgers faced the same $1.1 million gap with Ethier as the Brewers do with Hart. Ethier asked for $3.75 million and the club offered $2.65 million, and the sides settled for just below the midpoint. That deal does include $100,000 in incentives that would push Ethier’s salary to precisely the midpoint.

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So, he’s not going to get to hear about how he should have changed his plate approach last season rather than just saying “I’m not going to sit there and walk”?

That stinks. Hopefully Sveum can slap some sense into him!

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