Gamel, Brewers officials to chat

Mat Gamel knows that Brewers officials were not particularly thrilled with him when he reported to camp on Wednesday with a shoulder injury. He hopes a little sit-down will help clear things up.

Here’s the background: Gamel was sent home last September with an elbow injury that club officials feel he concealed. But very interestingly, Gamel insisted on Wednesday that he did try to tell medical staffers that he was hurting but got little response.

Then, he was the last player to report for Spring Training and when he showed up, he said his shoulder was hurting. He said he didn’t tell Brewers officials this time because it only happened a day or so ago, and he figured it could be dealt with when he arrived.

As for his late arrival, which garnered him little talkings-to from veterans like Jason Kendall and Mike Cameron, Gamel explained that his fiancee is pregnant and due any day. He wanted to remain at home in Florida as long as possible.

He said he’s looking forward to sitting down to front office folks to clear the air.

“It’s fine, because I’d like to sit down and let them hear my side,” Gamel said. “I tried to fight through it last year, but I also felt like I let them know that my elbow was sore.

“I wasn’t going to say anything about [the current shoulder problem], but then I thought about the negative side of not saying anything, and figured I should let them know. … Now I want to sit down and let them know what’s going on. I don’t want them to think I’m “big-leaguing” my way through my first [Major League] camp.”

It’s an interesting side story to the first full-squad workout. Gamel is extremely talented, but my understanding is that the Brewers want to be sure that he knows his responsibilities.   

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