Looper a last-minute scratch

Right-hander Braden Looper was scratched minutes before his scheduled Brewers debut Saturday when he tightness in the oblique muscle along his ribcage while warming up.

Looper was supposed to throw 35 pitches against the Angels at Maryvale Baseball Park, but a Brewers spokesperson announced his injury just after the National Anthem was performed. Right-hander Eddie Morlan, who was scheduled to work in relief, made the start.

The Brewers inked Looper on Feb. 12 to a one-year contract that pays a $4.75 million base salary. His durability was a selling point; Looper missed some time in 2007 with a shoulder injury but has made at least 30 starts in each of the last two seasons after making at least 60 relief appearances in eight consecutive seasons from 1999-2006.

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Another sad example of the fair and banclaed or objective school of journalism. Since when is giving equal say to each side objective or banclaed other than in the context of having two five year olds share gum? I often wonder how such journalism would have handled reports about the Nazi death camps? Equal time for Hitler and Himmler to balance the claims of the masses on the way to the gas chambers?I’ve come to see that this is yet another ploy by the right to co-opt our democracy Every bit of agitprop, like this movie, gets treated as if all sides have equally valuable information or equally suspect opinion. Such symmetry is rare in life. So such reporting in nothing but rationed stenography. Reporting requires a human making judgments about events after a competent investigation, and reporting those judgments as clearly as possible to help the reader understand the reality of that event as reliably as possible. Will there be errors and possibly biases? Yes, but the good reporter will bring the limitations out in the report, not hide them in faux objectivity .

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