Hall homers off Riske in simulated game

While the rest of the Brewers worked out Sunday morning, reliever David Riske and third baseman Bill Hall together took a step forward in their return from injuries.

Riske threw a simulated game on a Minor League field against a group of hitters that included the rehabbing Hall, who followed J.R. Hopf’s leadoff single with a two-run home run. In all, Riske faced six hitters — Hall batted three times — and threw precisely 20 pitches, which was his target. After Hall’s long homer to right, Riske retired the next four hitters in order and drew raves from Hall about the deception on his fastball.

It was Riske’s first action since undergoing right elbow surgery last September, and he has not had any setbacks. Hall is cautiously working back from a slight tear to his left calf.


hahaha if i got raves or complements from bill i would be like…your funny man what did you bat last year like .220??? a highschoolers fastball would be deceiving to bill hall!!! an after that i would be like an again wut did you do the yr b4 like .230 yea when you are actually considered a big league hitter then you can comment my fastball! lets keep in mind hall had one i repeate one slightly above average season an multiple extremely below average seasons i can not believe he has never been designated for assignment the past couple yr! he needs to go down an face pitchers more on his level an figure out why he has been so bad the past couple yrs!!!

Bill Hall is better at hitting than melvinhater is at spelling/writing which isn’t saying much .

an i am a better hitter/ batter than bill hall could ever be which isnt saying much!!!

all you guys diss on my writing style truth is i type like that so everything i want to say fits in the comment box an it doesnt take a genious to figure that out with all the abreviations! DERRRRRR which isnt saying much derrrrhrrrr im brush44 i got a wooden spoon derrrr!

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