Morlan shipped back to Rays

“Disappointment” might not have been the right word, but right-hander Eddie Morlan was certainly feeling something as he packed his bags at Maryvale Baseball Park. 

The Brewers decided Morlan did not fit their bullpen plans so they slipped the 23-year-old Rule 5 right-hander through waivers and offered him back to the Tampa Bay Rays, who accepted on Thursday morning.

“I don’t have anything to be disappointed about,” Morlan said. “Other than one bad outing, I don’t think I did bad here. I did my best. One bad outing, that’s all it takes. They didn’t think I was ready to make the team. They needed to get some better players out there.”

Brewers officials said as much to reporters when the team designated Morlan for assignment on Tuesday, at least the part about Morlan being talented but not quite big-league ready. But as of Thursday morning, Morlan said no one from the team had said anything to him other than, “Tampa took you back and you have to go back.”

That part, he said, was a bit disappointing.

“They didn’t say anything,” Morlan said. “I read in the papers the other day that I was put on waivers but I don’t know what they base the decision on. I really don’t know.”

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