Gameday: March 26 vs. Rangers (Braun out)

Ryan Braun is banned from the batter’s box today, but there is no word yet as to whether he will be sent out for further testing on his ribcage strain. Braun insisted to us this morning that he could hit, but instead will shut it down in an attempt to get healed.

“In my opinion, with this injury, to get back to 100 percent, you have to take swings, you have to throw, you have to run at full speed, you have to do all of those things,” Braun said. “It’s a fine line between getting worse and getting through it. That’s what we’re trying to figure out, whether to push it or rest it.”

The lineup against the Rangers, as Braden Looper makes his first Cactus League start:

Rickie Weeks  2B
Chris Duffy  LF
Corey Hart  RF
Prince Fielder  1B
J.J. Hardy  SS
Mike Cameron  CF
Bill Hall  3B
Jason Kendall  C
Braden Looper  RHP

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