Oakland PD on Macha's mind

Brewers skipper Ken Macha, a coach and manager in Oakland for eight years from 1999-2006, wanted to go on the record Saturday morning with his support for that community and its police department.

More than 25,000 citizens attended a memorial service at Oakland’s basketball arena on Friday for the four police officers killed in the line of duty earlier in the week.

“I thought it was nice that they had that service and rallied behind that,” Macha said. “We kind of, sometimes, take for granted the police officers that protect us along with our servicemen and firefighters. Those guys put themselves in jeopardy every day, and I don’t know if we appreciate them as much as we should. My prayers go to their families.”

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I was fortunate to have the opportunity to play golf this Spring with Ken Macha and as a retired Fire Lieutenant from NYC can tell you his comments and feelings for emergency service personnel and the military are sincere and heart felt. His comments about the Oakland community showing support for the police officers that gave their lives for that community was a sign of a dedicated concerned citizen. Only wish there were more like him that would speak up and give praise and recognition to those that risk their lives to protect us. Thanks Ken and good luck with the Brew Crew this season. Bob Hagan

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