Rosenthal picks Gallardo for NL Cy Young

Saw this posted by my friends at Brew Crew Ball: Ken Rosenthal of picked Brewers right-hander Yovani Gallardo as his preseason favorite for the National League Cy Young Award. Rosenthal thinks Gallardo could have a breakout a’la Indians lefty Cliff Lee, who won the AL Cy Young Award last season.

It’s certainly an interesting pick in a league that features the likes of Brandon Webb and Johan Santana. And if manager Ken Macha did not want Gallardo to be rattled by the pressure of working Opening Day, I’m guessing the skipper won’t be pointing him to this evening. 

(On a totally unrelated note, other than the fact it involves a Brewers fan blog, go check out Al’s Ramblings and consider sponsoring him for charity.) 


Talk about a stretch. Although, very possible. Kinda like the talk about the Cubs winning a World Series.

Brewcrewball is a great blog!!

Well, all he has to do now is earn it.

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