Cameron keeping tabs on Giants rookie

Brewers outfielder Mike Cameron has been keeping tabs on injured Giants pitcher Joe Martinez through a couple of San Francisco veterans, and he sent a care package to Martinez on Saturday.

The package contained some of Milwaukee’s signature Klement’s sausages packed in dry ice. While it was en route, Cameron received updates from Giants players Randy Winn and Aaron Rowand about the rookie Martinez, who suffered a concussion and three small skull fractures when he was struck in the head by a Cameron line drive in the ninth inning of Thursday’s game.

Cameron tried calling Martinez’s hospital room, but Martinez couldn’t talk. Cameron was still shaken by the experience as the Brewers played their home opener on Friday.

“Was it weighing on me? Yeah, yesterday it was,” Cameron said before batting practice Saturday. “[Martinez] couldn’t talk but we did everything, sent him a care package, everything you could possibly thing of. Doug [Melvin, Milwaukee’s general manager] and [Brewers vice president of communications Tyler Barnes] put it together, so that was cool.

“It was hard, though. It was. Unless you’ve had a traumatic experience, you don’t know. I’m pretty sure the same things were going through his mind on the way to the hospital that were going through mine.”

In a statement released Friday, Giants medical officials said they expect Martinez to make a full recovery.

“It was good to hear,” Cameron said.

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