Weeks says he's fine

Rickie Weeks had a swollen jaw on Tuesday, the result of an Edinson Volquez fastball that found its way to Weeks’ face on Monday night. But the Brewers’ leadoff man said he felt fine, and that Weeks was out of the lineup a day after his scare was a coincidence, according to manager Ken Macha.

“I had planned on giving him a day off anyway,” Macha said. “This just kind of meshed together.”

Craig Counsell started instead, and a glance at the numbers revealed that Macha had an easy call. Counsell enters the game 7-for-19 in previous at-bats against Reds starter Bronson Arroyo. Weeks was 1-for-20 (.050) with 10 strikeouts.

I asked Weeks if he considered leaving Monday’s game after he was struck. What a stupid question.

“Who, me?” Weeks said, as if he had just been asked whether he had a good recipe for Easter ham.

Yeah, you. Did you think about leaving the game?

“I went down, but I was scared at first, that’s all,” Weeks said. “I’m fine now.”

He should be back in the lineup for Wednesday’s series finale.

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