Lineup: Weeks in, Hardy down

Second baseman Rickie Weeks said he suffered a mild concussion on Tuesday night when he was clipped by shortstop J.J. Hardy, but he went through a battery of tests this afternoon and was deemed able to play.

There was a significant change in the lineup, though. Hardy, who batted fifth in his first 12 starts this season, was moved down to the six-hole. Hardy enters the game hitting .125, and he was replaced in the five-hole by center fielder Mike Cameron, who is hitting .333 with a team-high four home runs.

The lineups:

Rickie Weeks  2B
Corey Hart  RF
Ryan Braun  LF
Prince Fielder  1B
Mike Cameron  CF
J.J. Hardy  SS
Craig Counsell  3B
Jason Kendall  C
Braden Looper RHP

Jimmy Rollins  SS
Shane Victorino  CF
Chase Utley  2B
Ryan Howard  1B
Jason Werth  RF
Raul Ibanez  LF
Pedro Feliz  3B
Lou Marson  C
Joe Blanton  RHP

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