Melvin: Brewers aren't in on Pedro

Barring some unforeseen circumstances, Pedro Martinez won’t be pitching for the Brewers at Miller Park this season.

The Boston Globe reported Sunday that, “the Brewers may be emerging in the hunt” for the veteran free agent, but Milwaukee general manager Doug Melvin shot down the rumor before the Brewers began a three-game series against the Pirates at Miller Park on Monday. In fact, Melvin pointed out, only the Pirates had more “quality starts” — in which a starter works six or more innings and surrenders three or fewer earned runs — this season. Pittsburgh had 12 quality starts entering Monday’s games. Milwaukee, Kansas City and the Chicago Cubs had 11 apiece.

Many GMs, including Melvin, consider the notion of quality starts overrated, but it’s at least one indication that the Brewers’ starting rotation is not exactly in dire straits.

“I’ve never talked to his guy,” Melvin said, referring to Martinez’s agent, Fernando Cuza. “Our starting pitching hasn’t been that bad.”

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“Our starting pitching hasn’t been that bad.” I would think he would say something like, “Our pitching hasn’t been as bad as the Yankees, Rays, Nationals, Indians, Angels…” Pedro is going to wait until a team is in playoff contention before he makes his move.

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