Braun still upset

If Ryan Braun was upset Monday night about the pitch that split his shoulder blades, he was downright angry by Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re the wrong team to mess with,” Braun said.

But he wasn’t angry at Jeff Karstens, the Pirates right-hander who delivered the first-inning slider that Braun deposited over the left-field wall for a solo home run, and then the third-inning fastball that struck Braun in the back. Braun said he would be “shocked” if the plunking was truly not intentional. 

“I guarantee you that kid wanted nothing to do with me,” Braun said. “It came from somebody else. For sure. [Karstens] wouldn’t even look at me.

“Look, when I’m deserving and I get hit, that’s fine. I have no problem with that. If people have a problem with me admiring a home run, then plunk me and that ends it. But yesterday was uncalled for. It was way too high. When I watched it today, it made me even more angry.”

Karsten’s pitch appeared to hit Braun’s name on the back of his jersey.

“I really didn’t realize how high it was until I went and saw it on the video. If you want to hit me in the thigh, in the butt, that’s cool, man. That’s baseball. It’s uncalled for, it’s unnecessary, but if you want to do that, it’s fine. It’s all good.

“When you start throwing up and in, that’s not OK. That’s not something I’m going to stand for and that’s not something we’re going to stand for as a team. … I don’t know if they were trying to intimidate us, or send a message. Whatever it was, they [messed] up.”

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