Could get interesting…

Ryan Braun’s postgame comments tonight could cost him a couple of bucks.

Braun wasn’t happy that Pirates starter Jeff Karstens plunked him between the shoulder blades with a pitch in the third inning, two frames after Braun put the Brewers on the board with a solo home run.

Of course, reporters asked Braun if he thought Karstens’ pitch was intentional. And of course, Braun responded with something bland along the lines of, “Well, it was a bit suspicious…”

Oh, wait. Braun and “bland” don’t go together.

“It’s rare for Major League pitchers to miss that much with a fastball,” Braun said. “So, we play them about 17 more times. Tell Mr. Selig [Major League Commissioner Bud Selig] to see what happens. It’s going to be interesting.”

Actually, the Brewers and Pirates play only 13 more times. One game is already in the books with Monday’s 10-5 Brewers win. Mike Cameron, who homered two batters after Braun was plunked, said Karstens’ pitch might have had an unintended effect. 

“That kind of fueled us a little bit,” Cameron said. “I guess if you can’t get him out, you just put him on.”

Brewers manager Ken Macha took a more level-headed approach.

“I don’t think anybody has a way they can look into somebody’s mind and say, ‘They did this intentionally,'” he said.

Stay tuned. The Brewers and Pirates will be back at it Tuesday night. 

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