Pants on fire

The Brewers have been on fire of late, but one of their coaches took things a bit too far on Monday night.  

pants.jpgEd Sedar, Milwaukee’s fun-loving first base coach, stood too close to
the portable heater stationed at the end of the dugout after the
Brewers’ eighth-inning rally and was spared a potentially serious burn
on his left calf by pitcher Jeff Suppan and an extra pair of socks.
Thankfully, all Sedar had to show for his mistake was the pair of
burned uniform pants put on display in PNC Park’s visitor’s clubhouse
Tuesday afternoon.

“Suppan yelled out, ‘Somebody’s burning!'” Sedar said with a chuckle. “Luckily, I wear two pairs of socks. It had just started on the second pair of socks when ‘Soup’ said he smelled something.”

Thank goodness Suppan didn’t have a cold.

“I probably would have felt it,” Sedar shrugged. “The worst part is that I was thinking earlier, ‘That’s a little dangerous.’ I guess it’s funny that it happened to me.” 

Sedar had to hustle into the clubhouse for a new pair of pants before the Brewers batted in the top of the ninth inning. He made it in time for a four-run rally that sealed Milwaukee’s 16th consecutive win over the Pirates.


Ha Ha Ha!!!! Reminds me of that movie, Mr baseball LOL

That’s what I thought of too. I figured it was a hot foot. It probably was, but PR made up a story.

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