We're going streaking! (Now with a lineup)

Stole that line — at least the first half of it — from the Brewers’ pregame media notes, which answered the question everyone was asking last night after the Brewers beat the Pirates for the 16th consecutive game: When was the last time one team beat another in 17 straight?

The answer is 1969-1970, when the Orioles cobbled together a 23-game winning streak against the Royals. That run started on May 10, 1969 and extended through an Orioles win on Aug. 2, 1970. It actually didn’t end until April 30 of the following season, when the Royals blew a save in the top of the ninth and then rallied in the bottom of the inning for a 5-4 win, when Paul Schaal, Gail Hopkins and Freddie Patek hit consecutive two-out singles off Baltimore’s Ted Abernathy, who was briefly a Milwaukee Braves Minor Leaguer a decade earlier.

Brewers PR impresario John Steinmiller just e-mailed a lineup from the clubhouse. Ryan Braun is in, Bill Hall is out and Rickie Weeks is back in the one-hole:

Rickie Weeks  2B
Craig Counsell  3B
Ryan Braun  LF
Prince Fielder  1B
Mike Cameron  CF
Corey Hart  RF
J.J. Hardy  SS
Jason Kendall  C
Jeff Suppan  RHP


Any news on Brauny or Billy yet? It looked as though Braun would be able to go tonight. He ran pretty injury free to second and his lunging swings did not look to cause any grimaces. My guess would be he is in there tonight and then Billy gets the night off and then back in the lineup tomorrow to own the Reds.

I was just wondering if longbal is Ned Yost? What with brauny and billy. I am shocked he didn’t ask about cammie, princie, or benny!!

They should at least give Carlos a chance to catch at least one game while he’s up there. give Kendall a little rest.
miss ya carlos,

Nope. Not Ned Yost. Good try. I guess next time I will state, “I wonder how Ryan Braun and Bill Hall are doing.” That way you know whats going on. Just an fyi, “Benny” is no longer a Brewer, and since he is rehabbing in the hospital owned by the owner of the Texas Rangers, I think I will just leave his status as “I could care less.”

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