Lights out at Miller Park

Please pardon the Brewers’ technical difficulties. 

The Brewers and Cubs were already well past the three-hour mark on Saturday night and Milwaukee reliever Todd Coffey was about to throw his first pitch with a runner at second base and two outs in the eighth inning when most of the lights along the left-field line at Miller Park suddenly went dark. The right-field lights followed shortly thereafter, leaving players and 44,428 fans in near-darkness.

Players left the field — the Brewers were clinging to a 9-5 lead but the Cubs had already scored three runs in the inning — while the in-house organist got to work. A Brewers spokesperson said the problem had been identified and could be fixed in 10-15 minutes.

By 9:30 p.m. CT, about 13 minutes after the outage, the lights began to warm up again.

The Brewers had a similar problem in June 2001, their first year at Miller Park. A Brewers-Royals game was suspended after the lights went out after a scoreless first inning, and the teams resumed play the following day with an unofficial doubleheader.

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Wasn’t it a Twins game that got postponed due to a power outage? I remember being at a Twins game that was called due to a power outage?

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