Hardy exits with alarming symptoms

Brewers shortstop J.J. Hardy hopes he made a preemptive strike against a looming migraine headache.

Hardy exited Wednesday’s win over the Marlins in the seventh inning after experiencing some alarming symptoms. He said he played his final half-inning with very little vision in his left eye and numbness in his left hand, which doctors said were precursors to a headache.

“I’m hoping I took the medicine before the migraine kicks in,” Hardy said.

He hit an RBI triple in the second inning, and made the second and third outs in Milwaukee’s 11-batter, five-run fourth. Hardy exited the game in the top of the seventh as part of a Brewers double-switch, with Craig Counsell moving from third base to shortstop and Bill Hall entering the game to play third.

The Brewers will have additional coverage beginning Thursday should Hardy miss a game or two. Third base prospect Mat Gamel was promoted from Triple-A Nashville, and while he’s likely to be limited to pinch-hitter or designated-hitter duties, he also could play third in a pinch to free Counsell for shortstop.


could this mean anything? a trade with hall to short and gamel to third?

I was thinking the same thing. I was at the game and did not see any signs of anything bothering Hardy. I would say that the fact that Gamel is on a plane here well before the twins series says something is definitely “Brewin”!!!

I watched on TV, and saw signs–there was a brief shot of Hardy in the dugout talking to Macha, and from his facial expressions he was obviously messed up, vision etc.

JJ will tear up the league in July and August again, as he did last year.

Here’s hoping that NONE of our core boys–and the older bro Billy Hall– are traded–DON’T MESS UP THE CHEMISTRY OF THIS TEAM.

HANDS OFF and make sure to keep Billy in the lineup and at third on a more regular basis! He is invaluable to this team and is having anyway an obviously good season this year. Just give up minor league “prospects” and get us a Peavy or other top pitcher, so we can roll into the postseason again.

Hall can barely play third half the time so they would rather promote up alcides escobar to play short. He is just as good if not better than hardy and escobar is the future at third or short.

You guys are missing the obvious here. Hardy is out with a migraine headache. Those are excruciating and can last days. Have any of you had a migraine?

Second, Nelson was sent down to Triple A Nashville, so now there is room for Gamel to be brought up on the 40 man roster. The interleague game is just over a week away so it’s not really that hard to see why they’d bring up Gamel. Hardy may be sick for days (we’ll be praying for him) and a short time after he’ll get better is the interleague game.

Finally, they’d be foolish to trade Hardy so early in the season and bring up Escobar in his stead. Escobar may be sharp defensively but he still has a lot of work to do offensively. During the entire off season we read about how core guys: Braun, Fielder, Weeks, Hall, Cameron AND Hardy would provide the powerhouse of runs for the Crew. I reiterate, they’d be foolish to send Hardy away so soon. Hardy is a leader in the league for SS in homers and runs scored; Escobar doesn’t even come close.

You all are jumping to dramatic conclusions! Mellow out and don’t beat the drum of what we don’t want.

Escobar may not be what hardy is now but hardy will have to be resigned at the end of this year and it would be nice to have another big name pitcher. we all know hardy is gonna want the money so its mostly a decision of what is cheaper.

I like the post about the chemistry of this team. Brewers have something that no other team has…

I like the post about the chemistry of this team. The Brewers have something there that no other team has…!

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