Replay used for first time at Miller Park

Brewers starter Braden Looper was spared two runs when instant replay was used for the first time at Miller Park on Wednesday night.

The Brewers had an 8-5 lead in the top of the sixth inning when Marlins pinch-hitter Ross Gload connected on a Braden Looper pitch for what first base umpire Bruce Dreckman called a two-run home run down the right-field line. Prince Fielder, playing first base for the Brewers, immediately objected, and crew chief Gary Darling gathered the umps before ducking into the tunnel behind home plate.

Darling emerged just two minutes later with a new call: Foul ball. Gload eventually struck out to end the inning.

A home run was also overturned in tonight’s Pirates-Cardinals game via instant replay. If you’re interested in reading more about how the process works, see’s story from last August. There are links in that piece to other instances of replay in effect.

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