Hey Trevor, what year is it?

Did someone turn back the clock to 1998 and forget to tell me?

If you haven’t been watching, Trevor Hoffman has been pitching like he did a decade ago:

  • He’s 8-for-8 in save opportunities and has not allowed a run in his nine Brewers appearances since missing the first month with an oblique strain.
  • He has retired 20 of the last 21 hitters he has faced, and the only hit is an infield single by Pittsburgh’s Nate McLouth on May 4.
  • He’s retired 13 hitters in a row since then, including four consecutive saves in which Hoffman has gone three-up, three-down.
  • He recorded saves in all three games of the just-completed sweep of the Marlins while throwing 32 pitches. Florida hitters managed to get three balls out of the infield and only one was hit hard — a liner to left fielder Ryan Braun on Wednesday night.

Pretty amazing, and no accident. I tried to talk to Hoffman after Thursday’s game but he was still getting treatment in the trainer’s room at 4 p.m. CT, about an hour and 15 minutes before the end of the game.

The rest of the team had already left by then for the airport, where a chartered plane was waiting to take the Brewers to St. Louis. One of the Brewers’ medical interns drove Hoffman separately — at least that was the plan.

I finally gave up… so even the writers are whiffing against this guy. 


Trevor is a pretty good guy and not a pretty good pitcher too. He’s been and still is one of the best closers in the game.

85 mph fastball for a closer? That’s unheard of! But that’s why he’s still the best in the game.


Hehehe, it takes Trevor an hour 15 to have a massage? Man, the guy’s getting old! You guys better be taking care of him for the Padres over there!

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