Brewers get punk'd by Hoffman

As if Brewers manager Ken Macha’s hair was not white enough.

Macha had just settled into a comfortable spot on the bench for his daily back-and-forth with the beat writers when, just a few feet away, 41-year-old closer Trevor Hoffman crashed into a cart of baseballs, sent them flying and sprawled in the dirt in apparent pain.

The Brewers’ pregame stretch came to a screeching halt. So did Macha’s media session. Finally, a smile appeared on Hoffman’s face.

“I’ve got old tricks,” Hoffman said a few minutes after pulling off the prank, “but it’s a new place. They all work again. I can pull out my old stuff!”

The Brewers are happy that he appears to be the same old pitcher. Hoffman is off-limits Friday night after pitching in three straight games but will be available again on Saturday as the Brewers and Cardinals continue their series. We chatted with Hoffman in the dugout before today’s game, and I’ll pass along his take on his hot start and, including why he’s throwing so many fastballs, in my preview of Saturday’s game.

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That’s one of my favorite Trevor tricks. He’s done it a few times with the Padres, and it’s just so funny. I love how he said that he can do all his old tricks now. Man, I love that guys soooo much!! There’s a huge hole left in San Diego without him.

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