Who should play 2B with Weeks out?

Friday’s rainout blew up by travel schedule so I am not with the team in St. Louis tonight, but I am told by the intrepid MLB.com reporter filling my shoes that Doug Melvin said shortstop Alcides Escobar will begin seeing some action at second base for Triple-A Nashville.

Escobar was not being considered for an immediate promotion, Melvin said. I wonder if that could change in the near future if Escobar adapts quickly.

So, here are some internal candidates to play second base. Who do you think should get the nod?

– Craig Counsell
– Casey McGehee
– Escobar
– Hernan Iribarren (hitting .311 at Nashville)
– Jason  Bourgeois (hitting .323 at Nashville as an OF, but can play 2B)

Am I missing anybody?

The other option, obviously, is for Melvin to look for help outside the organization. The free agent who jumps to mind is Ray Durham, who finished last year with Milwaukee and as far as I know remains unemployed. Who else would you look at if you were in Melvin’s shoes?


What about moving Bill Hall to second and playing Mat Gamel full-time at third? My option for lead-off would be Mike Cameron. He did so when Sveum took over for Yost.

I’d like to see a three-player, two-position platoon of sorts with Hall spelling both Counsell at second and Gamel at third. Against lefties, ideally Hall would start at second so as to give Gamel some development opportunities against same-handed pitchers (which he hit well in the minors), but against really tough ones, Hall could start at third and McGehee at second.

Adam Heether? He’s a little older, but he’s been hitting pretty well for awhile now.

Also, comedy “Brett Lawrie” option.

Good, not great. His OBP the last two seasons is .354. The Brewers don’t have a beettr option than that right now to lead off; maybe Counsell but I’m worried about him wearing down.Lopez isn’t a huge improvement, but he’s a capable middle infielder who adds depth. I’m a bit surprised you talk about risk involved, because I don’t see this as much of a risk. Considering a couple months ago you threw out names like Escobar or Salome to get Lopez, I figured you’d like this deal for the Brewers.

Leave Hall at 3rd and allow Gamel to platoon with him for now and see where that goes. Should take several series to fully evaluate where Gamel’s at in his game.

I would play Counsel the majority of the games at 2nd, but rotatate McGeHee and Iribarren in late innings and starts when pitching match-ups favor the younger guys. If Counsel’s knee goes out, then we can sign Durham back for a short term contract for added depth.

The fact that we’re having this conversation about 6 different players as options is unbelievable. We are blessed with depth right now. Our farm system is one of the best in baseball.

i would love to see the infield as Prince at 1st, Escobar at 2nd, Hardy at SS, and Gamel at 3rd. Sure Gamel has a lot of errors but his bat can make up for it. Hall is an option at 3rd vs left handed ptichers but other than that he’s worthless. So bring up Escobar!!

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