Bernie has a new landing area

Detail06 copy.jpgBack in Milwaukee, the Brewers unveiled the new “Kalahari Splash Zone” at Miller Park and sent out a press release with some details. Sounds like fun for those hot July days:

Following every Brewers home run, Bernie Brewer will make a splash in the new “Landing” area, which will send an explosion of water into the air. While fans this year will stay relatively dry, the feature can be adjusted in the future to send more water into the air, giving fans seated below an experience similar to attractions at Kalahari Resorts.

The Kalahari Splash Zone will be ready for use during the Brewers next homestand, beginning on Memorial Day – Monday, May 25.

Not sure if I’d want to be under that thing in April, but it’s a pretty cool idea. The Milwaukee County Stadium veterans will remember that Bernie used to slide into a mug of beer, which is now on display inside the Lakefront Brewery in downtown Milwaukee. 

(Photo is from Scott Paulus/Brewers)

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Where’s the beer mug? Let’s go old school!

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