Plenty of action in Brewers-Astros

Can’t wait to hear the explanation from both sides about tonight’s lineup snafu. Apparently, filling out a lineup card is not as easy as you’d think, because Tampa’s Joe Maddon messed it up on Sunday and Cecil Cooper did the same tonight, flipping Kaz Matsui and Michael Bourn in the lineup. Tough for Matsui, whose batting average dropped before he even left the batter’s box.

Who noticed the mistake in the Brewers’ dugout? Maybe it was manager Ken Macha, who exchanges lineups himself instead of sending out a coach to do it.

A little more drama in the fourth inning, when Mike Cameron wrapped a solo home run around the left field foul pole to put the Brewers on the board. Not only was it Cameron’s 249th career home run, leaving him one shy of becoming the 20th player with 250 homers and 250 stolen bases, it was the first hit off Astros lefty Wandy Rodriguez in 88 1/3 innings. Nobody had taken Rodriguez deep since Aug. 10 of last season.

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I know this may be a little off the subject, and I empathize with that Weeks fan, in a 15 DL why not however leave Weeks out the whole season, make sure his injuries are completely healed? I have another question about my favorite player Counsell, Okay I know he’s 39 but with age comes experience, and why not let him infield to show rookies how to play the game, instead of taking him out of the line-up for Hall. Who has had eye surgery as excuse, but had already had that done, didn’t seem to work.
Hall himself even admits he can’t hit against anyone, why keep him?

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