Weeks undergoes season-ending surgery

Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks underwent season-ending surgery for a left wrist injury on Wednesday and will have the joint immobilized for the next two months.

Phoenix-based specialist Dr. Don Sheridan performed the surgery, the same procedure Sheridan performed on Weeks’ other wrist in 2006. Weeks will wear a splint for the next two weeks, then a long cast for the six weeks after that.

Unlike pitcher Yovani Gallardo, who underwent knee surgery last May and was back on the mound before the end of September, there is no chance that Weeks will play again this season, general manager Doug Melvin said Tuesday.

Brewers officials have yet to decide whether Weeks will re-join the team on its current road trip or travel directly home to Milwaukee. The Brewers return to Miller Park on Monday for a Memorial Day game against the Cardinals.


I am a 67 year old grandmother and have been a Rickie
Weeks fan from day one. I feel just sick about his injury. He
was just coming into his own like I knew he would all along.
I would love to send him a card but don’t know where to send it could you please help me with this? Lee Ann Hackman

No one’s been able to explain this to me – why put Rickie on the 15-day DL instead of the 60-day? Wouldn’t putting him on the 60-day (when he’s clearly out for longer than that) give the club more roster flexibility, namely the ability to add someone else to the 40-man roster, to backfill him?

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