Hall getting a (last?) shot against RHPs

Brewers manager Ken Macha is giving Bill Hall one last chance to show he can hit right-handed pitching.

Hall is trying to make the most of it.

“It shows he has confidence in me and knows I’m going to right this thing,” Hall said. “Everybody in here knows what kind of player I am and what kind of damage I can do, whether it’s against right-handers or left-handers.

“It’s just one little thing that’s going to make it click. I’m trying to find it.”

Macha’s promise the other day in St. Louis is why Hall batted against Astros right-hander Chris Sampson with two outs in the ninth inning Wednesday, representing the tying run. Hall, whose struggles against righties last season cost him regular playing time, hit against Sampson even though the Brewers had lefty hitter Craig Counsell available on the bench.

“I don’t read the paper [don’t forget the Internet, skip!] but I’m sure I was getting killed for sending Brad Nelson up there to hit,” Macha said, referring to the outfielder who was 0-for-21 before the Brewers cut him loose. “I was giving Brad Nelson every opportunity to be successful in the role he was given here. I’m trying to do that with everybody.”

Hall will start again Thursday against Houston right-hander Roy Oswalt. Hall is 14-for-41 against the Astros ace.

“Here’s a guy who hit 35 home runs for this club [in 2006],” Macha said. “Could we use that power right now? Absolutely. I don’t think we’re going to be able to use that power if, every time you turn around, you’re pinch-hitting for that guy.” 


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Watching last night’s game while in attendance at Miller Park, I don’t think it makes any difference to Hall whether rhp or lhp. His stance is stupid, and his swing is non-existent. His bat doesn’t stay in the strike zone, because it appears his stance gives him an uppercut swing. Also, he almost looks like a bad golfer (I can relate) because it also appears he jerks during his swing.
Maybe viewing some video of his 2006 season could help?
What bothered me last night is that it looked like he gave up on a shot down the 3rd base line (alligator arm?)

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