Braun's x-rays negative, unsure for Wednesday

The Brewers were unsure of Ryan Braun’s availability for Wednesday’s series finale against St. Louis after the left fielder was struck on the right wrist by a pitch Tuesday night and left the game after four innings.

Braun was struck on the outside edge of his arm near the wrist when an Adam Wainwright fastball sailed inside in the bottom of the third inning, but he played another frame before Frank Catalanotto took over in left field at the start of the fifth. Braun underwent x-rays at Miller Park, which were negative.

“Nothing’s broken,” Braun said. “We’ll see how it feels tomorrow. … It’s a dangerous area to get hit in. You don’t want to get hit in the wrist because you don’t have much protection. But, it happens.”
Working against Braun is that Wednesday’s game begins at noon CT, 14 hours after Tuesday’s final out.

“The team is 25 guys so everybody has got to pitch in,” Macha said. “If Brauny is out tomorrow, then Catalanotto will be in there. That’s why he came over here, to fill-in when guys get hurt.”

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I lived two blocks from Old Comiskey while in scoohl and still didn’t go there. The new ballpark named , The Cell, is most appropriate since most of the fans there have spent time in a cell at on point in time or another. Bill Veck was a great baseball owner for reason’s of stories mentioned by the Capn. It was common place for Veck to spend time in the stands mingling with fans. I appreciate what Veck did for Old Comiskey but once Veck left Old Comiskey was just filled with Sox fans which holds no redeeming value. Usually half filled with Sox fans I might add. For more on Vecks interesting life and an era gone by of hands on owners pick up VECK AS IN WRECK, maybe CubbieDude reviewed this book for us, I highly recommend it.

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