Time to revive the "mailbag"

I’d like to revive the old mailbag for Thursday’s off-day with a new feature we’re calling “Inbox,” which makes a whole lot more sense if you ask me. But my inbox is empty, so consider this a call for questions.

Post your question in the comments and I will run through them tomorrow and pick a bunch to include. As always, thanks for reading.



Hey Adam,

With Weeks out and a balky Hardy, when do you think we’ll see Alcedes Escobar up? His OPS seems a little lacking at AAA, but he has great defense, amazing speed, and should hit well enough to not be embarrassing. Thanks!

Hey Adam–
Did the Brewers consider bringing back Geoff Jenkins before they signed Frank Catalanotto? Jenkins, also a left-handed corner outfielder, seems to play better defense and hit righties better than Catalanotto. Plus, Jenkins already has a solid fanbase in Milwaukee. I understand Catalanotto has some more versatility with regard to infield positions, but were there any other issues with Jenkins? I know a significant number of fans (me included) would love to see Jenkins get a chance to enjoy being on the successful Brewers after he gave so many years to the not-so-successful Brewers. Thanks!

Hi Adam, nice blog.

Rumor has it that we may be in the running for Peavey.

Two-part questions,

A) Do think this is credible?

B) If yes, what sort of asking price do you think the Friars will demand?


How does Jorge Julio continue to hold a spot on the roster? Tim Dillard (6-2, 3.48 in nine starts), Mike Burns (6-1, 2.56 in nine starts), Chris Smith (1.57 ERA in 17 appearances) and R.J. Swindle (0.54 ERA in 11 appearances) are all sitting in Nashville. What does one of them have to do to prove they deserve a shot?


Who is the best replacement for Weeks in your opinion?

Who will Macha most likely use?

Hi Adam,

Who is the most entertaining player/person in the clubhouse? Who gives you the best ‘off-the-record’ stuff?



I’ve been kicking some things around in my head:

1) Can the Brewers trade Corey Hart for pitching, or has his value plummeted too low? I realize this creates a void, but can’t Frankie C. fill it until Cole Gillespie is ready? Or is his arm a rubber band?

2) As long as Mat Gamel can outplay his poor fielding at the plate, his value will remain higher than Bill Hall(of course contingent upon Kenny playing Gamel). So what’s Hall’s future? Does he become a $7MM super-sub?

Hey Adam
I know there was some talk during spring training that Chris Capuano would be back on the mound around mid-May….well its the end of May and I haven’t heard any news, what’s going on? If he is ready to to return in the next month what are the chances he takes the starting position for the slumping Manny Parra?
-Justin, Eau Claire, WI

Hey Adam,

* How much time do you spend at the ballpark covering games each day? Do you worry that another ruffian reporter will scoop you if you aren’t there more often (like the AP reporter who got the word on Hardy & Braun Thursday)?

* It’s still too early to tell, but if the Brewers are indeed looking for an arm, wouldn’t Bedard be a better option than Peavy? Given the connections between the Brewers & M’s, do you think it’s a possibility?


Love your work Adam. Your the best Brewers beat writer the Brewers have ever had.

Why doesn’t Adam Heether get a shot in this organization? He has hit better than Casey MaGehee his entire career, hit well in spring training in limited oppurtunities, and is dominating in the minors this year. He is also strong defensively. Is there any talk of giving him a shot?

Adam, Do you have any updates on How Weeks’ surgery went or on the plans for his rehab? Is there any chance of him being available in September or October?

Hey Adam,
Is there any thought that the Brewers would bring back Geoff Jenkins as a reserve outfielder? He would be a perfect fit considering that he is a left handed bat. Plus he has great defense. He could give Cory Hart some needed time off to get his swing back. Also any thoughts that the Brewers might go after another starting pitcher in a trade like last year?
– Paul, Racine, WI

Bring back Geoff Jenkins???? I don’t think so.

Adam —

Any word on how Chris Capuano’s rehab is coming along? I know it is dangerous to assume any help from someone coming off multiple Tommy John surgeries, but he could be the midseason “acquisition” the Brewers need for the starting rotation.

— Jim

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