Brewers GM: 'No trade discussions going'

Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin still is not looking outside the organization for help at second base, and told reporters this afternoon that he is more than content with veteran Craig Counsell’s play since Rickie Weeks’ season-ending injury.

“I don’t have any trade discussions going with anybody,” Melvin said.

Counsell was back atop the Brewers’ batting order on Friday and could play all three games this weekend against the Reds against a trio of Cincinnati right-handers. Constructing a lineup could become more complicated for manager Ken Macha next week, when the Brewers begin a seven-game road trip to Florida and Atlanta on which they will face at least three lefties.

Macha would like to see right-fielder Corey Hart get hot so he could hit leadoff, but Hart entered Friday’s game batting .176 (12-for-68) over his last 17 games. If Hart stays cold, Macha said he would probably have to start Casey McGehee at second base and batting leadoff against those lefties.

Asked if he would consider Mike Cameron, who batted leadoff under interim manager Dale Sveum last September and in the postseason, Macha said he prefered Cameron in the five-hole.

Counsell considered having surgery for toen cartilige in his right knee near the end of Spring Training but opted against it. It appears he made a very good decision, because Counsell entered Friday’s start batting .350 since since April 25 and .323 (10-for-31) while starting each of the team’s last seven games.

In nine starts as a leadoff hitter, Counsell was batting .275 (11-for-40) entering Friday night with a .293 on-base percentage. He was 0-for-8 with a walk when leading off the game.

“I’m not that worried about it,” Melvin said. “There’s no doubt that we’ll miss Rickie over the course of the summer because of the things he brought to the ballclub. But that’s why we signed Craig Counsell, and I have a lot of confidence in him. He was signed in case somebody got hurt.”

The GM added, “I’m more worried about our right-handed hitters getting on track.”


How about that Casey Mac. He has a 7 game hit streak going and really looks like he knows whats going on at 2nd base. He hit his first home run. but seems to be more of a base hitter which is what the brewers need. Lead-off man? Looks like he is the man. He has the right tools, and now is the time to play him and let him dig in like he has been since being asked to.

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