Crew nabs hard-thrower Heckathorn at No. 47

Another blurb, this one on a familiar name who went to the Brewers with their second first-round sandwich pick:

Supplemental Rd. 1, Kyle Heckathorn, RHP, Kennesaw State (Ga.):  No surprise to see the Brewers jump on the 6-foot-6, 240 pounder, who, like Arnett, is a hard-thrower coming off his junior season in college. Club officials were not shy in the weeks leading up to the Draft in saying they were high on Heckathorn, who can reach 99 mph with his fastball but sits more comfortably in the 94-97 mph range, and also features a hard slider. He was 4-1 with a 3.44 ERA and 98 strikeouts in 86 1/3 innings for the Kennesaw State this season, including a 15-strikeout game. Like Davis, he turns 21 later this month. Some mock Drafts had Heckathorn going to the Brewers in the first round.

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Adam McCalvy, I propose an interesting alternative to the Brewers trading dilemma as follows:

Try to get Brooks Kieshnick out of retirement for needed effective pinch-hitting and mop-up relief (or maybe Jenkins for PH-ing). Before some fan alleges that I am insane or drunk, consider the following co-idea. Trade for Joakim Soria as eventual replacement closer when Hoffmann retires – but NOW for added bullpen strength, depth and closer setup role. Notice that having more effective relievers behooves good pinch hitters and lessens the burden on ineffective starters who should hopefully be on a “short leash” by Macha. Continue trying for a package trade for Washburn – say JZ’s choice of 4 of the following: Heether, Bourgeois, Green, maybe Hand (instead promote from AA to Brewers as starter?), maybe “money-stubborn” Davis, Stern, Irribarren, Katin, Gerut, Hall, Suppan, one of Corporan or Lucroy, Axford, Seidel, Butler, Jeffress, Rogers, & Jones. Accordingly protect Gamel, Escobar, Salome (who out-BA-hit Gamel & Escobar in AA and who seemingly has improved his pitch-calling-handling & throwing since Nashville doing well), Braddock, Wooten, Scarpetta (last 3 future closers or starters), draftees Hechathorn & Arnett this year, and maybe Lawrie plus the 3 supposedly fine rookies at Helena. Otherwise drop Gerut and Hall and maybe Suppan too unless Hall & Suppan can be packaged with inducing-$$$ and other some of the expendable players mentioned above for someone needed a lot. Lastly, give Gamel and Salome experience in RF at Nashville since seemingly a logjam at 3B & 2B and Kendall needs a lot of relief by Rivera and Salome (then can move Hart to CF). Trade Weeks in a helpful package too like for Soria! Incidentally, I have a vague recollection that McGehee has catching experience! Correct? He was supposedly the best defensive 3B in the Southern League, but maybe the Brewer fans who attend a lot of games and watch them a lot on TV can tell me who is better defensively at 3B – Braun, Gamel or McGehee? Dropping Gerut, Hall and Suppan plus farming out Villanueva for awhile would allow another big K/W-ratio reliever to be promoted to the Brewers such as Braddock and-or Wooten who can be nice contrast for setting up Hoffmann’s change-up.

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