Harry Doyle to appear at Brewers-Indians tilt

20090615_vaughn.jpgFor those fans considering a trip to Cleveland next week for just the second Brewers-Indians series since 2001, here’s an added incentive: Harry Doyle will be in the house.

Brewers radio voice Bob Uecker, who conjured a boozier version of himself as Doyle in the 1989 film, “Major League,” will throw the ceremonial first pitch before the series opener on Monday night.

“I’ve already shot the promos for it, we’re doing the whole nine yards,” Uecker said before today’s game against the White Sox.

Monday is “Major League” night at Progressive Field, and all fans in attendance will get a bobblehead of fictional Indians closer Rick Vaughn, played by Charlie Sheen in the movie.

Uecker/Doyle had a bunch of great lines in the first installment of the “Major League” trilogy, but I think my favorite was the simple, “Taylor bunts!!!”  Damian Miller used to do a killer impression of the line that was part Uecker, part Harry Caray, and got laughs every time.

I wonder if they’ll ask Ueck to wear this sportcoat on Monday night:


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