Macha explains Bush-Kendall pairing

Mike Rivera had the same reaction to today’s starting lineup as many fans might have. He thought it was a mistake.

Rivera was preparing for his usual pairing with Saturday starter Dave Bush when manager Ken Macha posted a lineup with Jason Kendall at catcher. Macha paired Rivera with Bush this season to give Kendall more regular rest, but said team off days two days before and two days after Saturday’s game meant Kendall didn’t need the break.

“I’m going to wait for my turn,” a disappointed Rivera said.

Macha insisted that the switch had nothing to do with Bush’s recent struggles, which continued Saturday with five runs in just three innings.

Bush admitted after his last start that he was “out of sync.” Did Rivera think that had anything to do with the way he was calling games?

“I don’t think so,” Rivera said. “Everybody is going to have ups and downs. … We’ve been good. We’ve been on the same page at the same time.”

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