What to do about Dave Bush?

Dave Bush revealed after the Brewers’ 9-5 loss Detroit today that he’s been dealing with some arm fatigue since that line drive off his elbow earlier this month in Florida. That at least explains his recent results, but now the Brewers have to figure out what to do about it.

Bush threw only 51 pitches against the Tigers and would make his next start on Thursday against the Twins unless the team makes an adjustment.

There are options. The Brewers have been working with four starters since demoting left-hander Manny Parra to Triple-A Nashville on June 13, but will need another arm by June 27. The team could easily promote a fresh arm from the Minors to take Bush’s place on Thursday  — say, right-hander Mike Burns, who worked four scoreless innings in his only appearance for the Brewers this season and would be on regular rest. Bush, then, could rest up and start against the Giants next weekend.

The team made a similar move with right-hander Jeff Suppan in April after the veteran got off to a poor start, and it appeared to help. Had Parra not pitched himself down to the Minors, Macha said the Brewers would have probably used someone in Bush’s place on Saturday.

“These few days off could have done a little but [for Bush] like it did for Suppan,” manager Ken Macha said. “But with four starters at this time, we’re unable to do that.”

Macha and general manager Doug Melvin will meet in Milwaukee on Tuesday to discuss the options. Bush said he would let the decision-makers do their jobs.

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