Macha says McClung will stay in rotation

With all of the excitement in the Brewers’ 7-6 comeback win Saturday night against the Giants, the performance of starting pitcher Seth McClung took a backseat to numerous highlight reel play.s

McClung lasted just four innings, throwing 77 pitches (47 strikes) while giving up three runs on six hits, but Brewers manager Ken Macha said McClung will get the start next week against the Cubs.

“He’s going to pitch in Chicago,” Macha said before Sunday’s series-finale. “He threw quite a few pitches. I don’t think the quality of his breaking ball was where it should be [and] he’s got a tendency to over-throw his fastball.”

After Saturday’s game, Macha gave McClung’s start a rating five on a scale of one-to-10. When revisiting McClung’s outing on Sunday, Macha also noted that McClung didn’t throw any changeups, sticking to his fastball, slider and curveball.

Most of McClung’s struggles came in the second inning, when the Giants opened the inning with four straight hits – scoring twice – before he got the next three batters out.

“I really felt sharp to tell you the truth, especially in the second inning. Those guys hit some really good pitches off of me,” McClung said. “There was a time in the second inning when I said, ‘Either get your [butt] in gear or you’re going to get your [butt] out of the game.’ So I put some outs together and got out of there with minimal damage.”

With Dave Bush on the 15-day disabled list with a torn triceps in his right arm and Manny Parra in Triple-A Nashville because of his struggles with the Brewers, Macha said the opportunity is available for McClung to stay in the rotation longer than just one more start if he improves upon Saturday’s performance.

“I think deep down inside, if you asked him, he wants to start,” Macha said of McClung. “He’s been given an opportunity to go out there and take charge. We’re down two starting pitchers and if he has a couple good performances he’s going to [continue to start].”


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