Melvin "open" but "realistic" about Halladay

Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi says he will listen to offers for ace right-hander Roy Halladay. Might Brewers GM Doug Melvin, who is once again looking to trade for a pitcher, make a call?

“I’m open to talking about anybody,” Melvin said on Tuesday. “I’m also realistic to know that not everybody is available all the time.”

Here is what our Blue Jays beat writer, Jordan Bastian, wrote today on that topic:

Halladay’s name has been floated in trade rumors in the past, but this is the first time Ricciardi has openly admitted that he’s willing to consider dealing the right-hander. Halladay is signed through 2010 and Ricciardi has maintained that the Jays plan on discussing a contract extension with the pitcher this coming offseason. …

After learning about Ricciardi’s comments, Halladay met with the media prior to Tuesday’s game against the Rays at Tropicana Field. Halladay wanted to address the issue once, getting it out of the way with the hope that the development would not become a distraction.

Asked if he was more open to potentially being traded now than in the past, Halladay grimaced and hesitated before answering.

“That’s tough. That’s a tough question to answer, honestly,” Halladay said. “I want to stay here, but I think when an organization is kind of thinking that maybe we kind of want to go this direction, and it’s a situation that suits the team and yourself, then you have to evaluate that and say, ‘Maybe this is the best thing.’ I’m really not in that situation yet.”

Halladay is under contract this season for $14.25 million and is scheduled to make $15.75 million next year in the final season of his current contract. His deal also includes a full no-trade clause.

Melvin wasn’t sure about that last point when he spoke via telephone on Tuesday evening.

“I don’t know his situation, if he has a total no-trade [clause],” Melvin said. “I’d have to get more information.”

Does the fact Halladay would not just be a two- or three-month rental, like CC Sabathia was for the Brewers last year, make him easier or more difficult to discuss?

“What made the CC thing easier was that he didn’t have a no-trade clause and you knew he only had a half-year left on his contract,” Melvin said. “When guys are traded in the middle of long-term deals, they can demand a trade the next year. Those questions all have to be cleared up.”


Any team would benefit from having Halladay. I just think the asking price will be too much for any team to be able to reach. I think holding onto Halladay would be the best thing for Toronto.

As good as it would be too see Halladay in a Brewer uniform i dont think it would help. This team has got some real problems, and Halladay, Sabathia, and Lincecum would be hard pressed to succeed here. This team has totally fallen apart in the last 20 games. I hope im wrong but i think this season is officially ended. The sad thing is we are only 2 games out of first.

ok…McGhee proved tonight that he is just a regular player… no big—-. and your comment is about Mcghee is??????? …. I told you so…. i am pyschic…. it would be totally ridiculous if this organization pays 14.5 mil for a pitcher, Suppan is 12.6 and is a joke…. what are you thinking. you need dedicated… I am supporting Gamel and will til he retires….. get a life…. we need excitement… like Gamel … have you seen him play in the past…. what a phenomanol player…. you will see with the American snags him…. who will get the last laugh…. you!!!! read this and wheep…….

I think we should trade J.J. Hardy and Matt Gamel for Halladay.. Escobar comes up, McGhee plays everyday at 3rd base, and we get the starting pitcher we need. You are nuts to think the Brewers are going to contend unless they make a trade like this. Whats the point of trading for a Doug Davis? Let’s show everyone else we are for real and make this trade!

Frankly I think we should package JJ plus someone for Halladay and Gamel plus someone for Davis. Though I would hate see JJ go…..Escobar is batting .300+ right now. I think the guy could actually make a decent lead-off hitter.

No way Toronto accepts JJ plus one other for the best pitcher in baseball. We would need to deplete our entire system to get him.

Alright….First, let me say that I have been a Crew fan for only 7 years since evolving from a Cubs fan. Sorry, but I was born a Cubs fan due to my father. Anyways, Halladay would be a good idea if he could not ask for a trade. I am surprised that no one has mentioned Bill Hall as a trade pawn. The Orioles are looking for a 3B player to replace Mora and Sherrill has been mentioned. A definite cheaper option. And yes, he is not a starter but still. Maybe something straight up trade? There is no way we deal Hardy since Lopez is a free agent at the end of the year. If we got Lopez locked up for 3 years, then trade Hardy and bring up Escobar. But Hardy is an above average defensive SS and has been a pivotal player. McGehee is going to be the starter at 3rd next year, he has to be based on his performance so far. Counsell is gone after this year unless they do another 1 year deal. But, he is going to be 39 and is still one of the best bench players in the league. Gamel is untouchable. You cannot deal 2 of your Top 3 prospects in consecutive years. No way. No how. We definitely need another starter but I would look at Cliff Lee first. Or Erick Bedard because we need a lefty. Parra has been solid in his last 2 starts and I agree that Suppan is done. So why not try to deal Suppan and Hall for Halladay or Lee or Sherrill?

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