Randolph suspended for Game 2 against Cardinals

Brewers bench coach Willie Randolph was suspended for Wednesday’s game against the Cardinals and fined an undisclosed amount for what Major League Baseball called “inappropriate actions” during his argument with plate umpire Bill Hohn in Tuesday’s series opener.

Randolph was one of two Brewers coaches ejected by Hohn in the span of four pitches, but Brewers hitting coach Dale Sveum was not disciplined further. Both men were upset at check-swing calls by Hohn, who called out Brewers pitcher Yovani Gallardo on check-swing strike to end the second inning but then ruled that Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols held up three pitches into the third.

Sveum, who was ejected after the call on Gallardo, and Randolph, who was sent to the showers after the non-call on Pujols, became the first Brewers ejected since Mike Cameron was tossed by umpire Marvin Hudson in Atlanta on June 6. Cameron drew a two-game suspension, but appealed it down to one game.

Unlike players, coaches do not have the right of appeal.

Randolph will take part in the Brewers’ pregame workout today but then must vacate the clubhouse by game time. Speaking of the game, here are the lineups:

Skip Schumaker  2B
Colby Rasmus  CF
Albert Pujols  1B
Ryan Ludwick  RF
Chris Duncan  LF
Yadier Molina  C
Joe Thurston  3B
Todd Wellemeyer  RHP
Brendan Ryan  SS

Craig Counsell  2B
J.J. Hardy  SS
Ryan Braun  LF
Prince Fielder  1B
Frank Catalanotto  RF
Mike Cameron  CF
Mat Gamel  3B
Jason Kendall  C
Jeff Suppan  RHP


Watching that Mets game yesterday was awoseme. I freakin’ hate Tony LaRussa. Don’t really hate the Cardinals necessarily, just LaRussa.So many things going on in this Cubs/BrewCrew game . Listen closely to Chip Carey in the video clip, he thinks the game is tied after the play, then realizes it’s actually over and the Cubs have lost. I never noticed that before. Whenver I see that play, they always play Santo’s Oh-No! call . Sosa ties McGwire for his 65th home run of the season, which is the current single-season record for a few hours .

Thanks, Joe! Having Mark on board really filled out the Jersey side of things. Could NOT have done this one without him; NJ brewing is a much more closed society than the others I’ve written about.Bill, I’m not real big on tasting notes. I could be big on tasting, but not a whole book’s worth. My idea of tasting is simple: as you taste more things mindfully, and try to remember what it is you’ve tasted, you will think of those things when you taste other things. The only good reason to do this, in my thoughts, is to try to create an order in your mind and memory of what things you like, in hopes of finding many, many more of them. As someone told me, there are only so many things I will taste, smell, eat, see, and hear in this life. I’d like to experience as much difference and pleasure as I can. I have other goals as well, mind you, but that’s definitely one of them.

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