Bush outstanding in his Minors debut

Dave Bush’s Minor League rehabilitation assignment was off to a rousing start on Friday, when the Brewers right-hander pounded the strike zone throughout a successful 4 2/3 inning stint for Class A Wisconsin.

Working for Milwaukee’s Midwest League affiliate about 100 miles north of Miller Park, Bush scattered four hits and allowed one unearned run in his return to action from a right triceps injury. He struck out five West Michigan Whitecaps and threw 43 of his 53 pitches — 81 percent — for strikes.

Bush had a 1-0 lead until the fifth inning, when an error by third baseman Jose Duran contributed to an unearned run. The Timber Rattlers rallied for a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the inning, but Bush was already out of the game.

Bush has been on the Brewers’ disabled list since June 23 but his injury dates back to June 4, when he was struck on the upper arm by a Hanley Ramirez line drive in Florida. 


Dave did a great job throwing strikes and really commanded the strike zone–but let’s be honest these were
Class A ballplayers–not major league caliber. Too bad he was rushed out of the clubhouse (during the post-game fireworks) and took off without signing auto’s. Would have been nice since his presence really pumped-up ticket sales for the T-Rats!!! That’s why I spend most of my “sports money” on minor league games–the prospects never say “No” to an auto. Even Ryan Sandburg signed when he was the manager of Peoria (Class A Cubs) signed when he was here!!!

I’ve always liked Bush, he’s never been that guy with the great stuff or the great performances, but he gets the job done, for the most part. Hopefully Bush can make it back to the majors and return to that solid form.


While Mr. Bush attracted a near sell out crowd for his presence, he forgot why people were there, to see him pitch. To play a game and receive an extraordinary amount to do so, Mr. Bush forgot that those in the stands may be struggling mightly to keep afloat in this economic time and spent that money to see him play a game. The least he could have done is acknowledge the fans with a smile or gesture. On the far end, perhaps take a moment for a photo opportunity and sigh an autograph or two for the kids that waited patiently by the dugout for him with a photographer in wait for that moment. Mr. Bush even seemed removed from the players on the field of play. He was even escorted by security out of the park and could not sign an autograph for the eight to ten former fans waiting there.

Mr. Bush, even a Hall of Fame player never did that when he was here. You are far removed from ever being that as you forget that it is the fans that support you playing the game. Develop a little humility and a little customer service skills and you may find life to be better than living in the isolation and aloofness you have presented. You forget your roots in the minors and the humility and have now become perhaps that which you have dreamed of (how sad and shallow) or perhaps that which fans dread. That is for you to decide. What is the mark you want to leave on the game and on others?

For this fan, it will be to support the minors and not be inconvienced driving to Miller Park and spending a large amount of money to watch passionless players who have now become more important than the game. That is how business works, supply and demand. You may offer a great product, but customer service will impact a return. And your service to the game is poor.

I wish Bush would stay in the minors, that’s where he belongs! As far as mlb players are concerned, they need to stop thinking they are something special because they aren’t. They got nothing coming to them. We should stop going to their games and paying their wages until they start showing EVERY fan respect. Treat people the way you would want to be treated!!!

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