Sausage Race 5K results available online

Congratulatins to West Bend’s Andy Ruffalo and Milwaukee’s Leslie Lawton, the overall men’s and women’s winners in Saturday’s Brewers Charities 5K Sausage Race. Ruffalo covered the 3.1 mile course in 15:38.18 and Lawton covered the course, which snaked around — and through — Miller Park in 19:01.40.

The sausage race group, because this is Milwaukee and we have that sort of thing, was won by the hot dog, who ran in 23:33.75. As Brewers Charities president Lynn Sprangers pointed out, that’s not bad for a guy in a heavy sausage costume.

My buddy Nick Olson did our fantasy football league proud by finishing fifth in our age group and 13th overall among the more than 1,500 timed runners. I swear I finished, but my name, thankfully, to be honest, didn’t show up on the list.

If you’re curious about your own time, check the online results. Brewers Charities raised more than $75,000 with the event.

Photographer Jeff Hanisch was kind enough to send along some evidence:


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