Braun tweaks elbow, sits out dramatic ninth

Brewers left-fielder Ryan Braun had four hits Monday including a three-run home run, but he was on the bench for the dramatic ninth-inning showdown between Trevor Hoffman and Manny Ramirez because of tightness in his right elbow.

Braun was hurt on a wild throw back to the infield in the seventh inning. He told manager Ken Macha that it didn’t bother him to hit, and Braun proved it with a single in the top of the ninth. Jody Gerut took Braun’s place in the bottom of the inning with the Brewers in control, 6-2.

Of course, the game got interesting. The Dodgers scored three runs and loaded the bases before Hoffman retired Ramirez on a game-ending flyout. Braun, a Los Angeles native who would hate to miss any games at Dodger Stadium, seemed sure he would be back in the lineup when the series continued Tuesday night.

“We didn’t want to take any chances,” Braun said of coming out early. “We’ll be all right.”


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