Hall upbeat as Brewers tenure nears end

Here’s more of what Bill Hall had to say today after the Brewers designated their longest-tenured player for assignment:

“It’s something that just happens, nothing big. I’m happy about the time I spent here. [Last season was the first time in] 26 years we made the playoffs here, so I had a lot of good times and I appreciate everything this organization has done for me and I think it’s time a new chapter in my life. I’m excited about this chapter. Hopefully these guys can pull it together and turn things around. I’m definitely excited about the next chapter in my life.”

On his happy demeanor:  “I was happy when I came back up [from an optional assignment to Triple-A Nashville earlier this month]. This game isn’t going to break me down for the rest of my life. You go through ups and downs, everybody does, and this is one of those bumps and it happens to everybody. It’s not like I’m getting released when I’m at the end of my career when I feel like I can still play. I’m 29 years old and in the prime of my career. I’m going home to Arizona for a couple days — probably won’t be there very long from the looks and the sounds of things — and it’s not the last time you’ll see Bill Hall.”

Was he surprised by the news?  “Yeah, I was kind of shocked this morning when I woke up and got the message to call Doug [Melvin, Milwaukee’s GM]. I didn’t know what it was about and he told me and I was just waking up and I didn’t know what to think at the moment so I had to collect my thoughts, call my agent and figure everything out. Like I said, I’m just looking forward to the next chapter of my life and I appreciate everything everybody’s done [for me] in this organization and it’s going to be fun.”

On his improvement since being sent to Triple-A:  “I definitely feel like I’m getting my swing together, starting to feel the swing again. For the most part, I held my own, had great at bats — I felt like I didn’t give away any at bats — didn’t swing at bad pitches, put the ball in play for the most part and when I had pitches to hit I made good contact on them. It’s all a positive, everything’s going to be a positive. When you have so many positive things going on you don’t want to make you look back, but I’m just looking forward. All I’m doing is looking forward.”

On hitting a home run in his last game: “Yeah, at least I ended on a good note. My last game I hit a home run and that’s something that had been missing in the game in a while and, like I said, I felt that stroke again and got a good pitch to hit and hit it hard.  That’s what made it a little more surprising when I woke up this morning. I felt like I had put together some pretty good games in a row, so it’s kind of shocking but things happen and it’s time to move on.”

– Cash

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