Is Lopez playing hurt?

Brewers manager Ken Macha seemed a bit baffled by the two ground balls that eluded second baseman Felipe Lopez in Tuesday’s 13-6 loss to the Padres at Miller Park, and Lopez, who has otherwise been excellent since a trade from Arizona to Milwaukee last month, didn’t provide any clarity. Asked by a reporter whether he would answer a question, Lopez simply pointed toward the clubhouse dining room and then walked that way. A team spokesman followed, but Lopez declined to talk to reporters.

So what happened? Is Lopez, who has had hamstring issues this year, playing hurt? Or did he just have a bad night?

Macha wasn’t sure, but said Lopez appeared “disturbed” when he couldn’t get to an Adrian Gonzalez hit in the fifth inning with the teams were tied at 2. Lopez broke to his right and was only a step away from the ball when it bounced past him into center field.

“The fans kind of reacted to that,” Macha said. “I think he was a little disturbed he didn’t get that, either. … I didn’t ask him. He appeared to be disturbed when the ball went through to center field. Maybe he didn’t think he had a chance for it, and then when he got closer to it, he laid up a little bit and realized he did have a chance for it.”

Lopez broke to his left in the first inning for a Chase Headley hit that got through. He didn’t attempt to dive for that hit, either.

Lopez has battled injuries to both hamstrings this season. Are they the issue?

“Not that I’m aware of,” Macha said.


This is really shady… Is Lopez nothing more than a good line of stats? It looks like he did “real well” for the Cardinals last year, but they didn’t go anywhere…they sat on the same record for a long time, last year in August. I was aware, after reading about the Nationals and Diamondbacks’ experiences with him, that Lopez had lapses. I’d assumed the fans and writers meant he was in-outer-space but overall a good guy.
What if he really isn’t? He seems to make sure his stats show one thing; that OBP sure is good…and teams are lucky when they can finally pencil in a true lead-off hitter. But we never win any series, and these gaps between wins seem to have happened when Felipe joined the team. He’s a death on the base-paths, but he’ll even it out with a run. He’ll have multi-hit games, but kill rallies.
It was obvious to me during tonight’s game that he was going to be a rally-killer. I’m not sure I want to find out his motives for playing the game this way. He’s dragging us down, and it looks like the team has not been as tight as it has in the past. I’d rather see a guy like Iribarren stay up with us and put up human numbers and try everyday than a guy who is looking to me like a con-artist.

Hey, everyone. I wrote a response to my own over-the-top comment above this, and it’s posted on the most recent Lopez article. He’s struggled a lot, and it is always better to not publicly say someone is “a con-artist” and a bad person. I noticed a “related articles” section on Adam’s blog and there was a piece by Jesse Sanchez. I was out of line.

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