Cameron would "make a sacrifice" to remain

After reflecting on becoming the 302nd player in history to score 1,000 runs, Brewers center fielder Mike Cameron said he would like to remain in Milwaukee beyond this season. So much so, that he might consider taking less to stay than he could fetch on the open market.

“I would be willing to make a sacrifice to make that happen,” he said. “You just never know how it’s going to work out financially. It would be cool, because I like it here. Doug [Melvin, the Brewers’ general manager] is pretty straightforward, and it’s just a matter of what direction they want to go in.”

But Cameron wouldn’t get more specific about what he would seek. He’s earning $10 million this season and projects as a Type B free agent at year’s end. The Brewers could reap Draft compensation if they offer Cameron arbitration and he signs elsewhere, but that represents a big risk since Cameron would almost certainly get a raise in the event his case went to a hearing.

Cameron turns 37 in January but might represent the Brewers’ best option. The team traded away Tony Gwynn, Jr. earlier this season and does not have a top-flight center fielder at Triple-A. Double-A Huntsville’s Lorenzo Cain has a chance to eventually man center field at Miller Park, but he missed a chunk of this season to a knee injury.

Another intriguing option could be Rickie Weeks, though club officials have said repeatedly that they are committed to Weeks as a second baseman.   

As for how many more seasons Cameron intends to play, he said, “I guess I’ll know it’s time when nobody wants me anymore.”


I didn’t understand why Brewers traded Gwynn for Gerut. I never heard the explanation in any articles, blogs or radio. Are there any reporter in this town who has the bolas to ask tough questions to Lord Melvin?

I try not to dwell on Cameron’s career after this season, but what if we had $4 million dollars extra to get ourselves a starter, while keeping our center fielder? I don’t know what his definition of a pay cut would be, but between 3.5 and 5 million could be a possibility, right? Cam is playing well enough that $5 mil is probably an insult (: But is Cain going to be ready? We’d have to commit to Mike if we do a contract – it’s not like those two are going to go head-to-head during spring training for the CF job. Assuming we keep Hart in RF, we’ll be able to hold on to a REAL outfield unit! I’ve taken Hart for granted since the start of last season. Gerut can throw about 100 feet if he hurls himself like a Cricket Bowler! Just kidding. But he’s got a weak arm. Which leads us to Tony Gwynn…
*He’s got an incredibly weak arm, himself! He’s naturally a Center Fielder, but Gerut is level with him in speed on the basepaths, and now we know what he can do with that swing. He’s not late on it, and he has power. Gerut’s turning out to be just as valuable as TGJ. Remember their situations, as well. Gerut was a close runner up for ROY, had great numbers, and was shut down by injury. He struggled… and got injured…and struggled…. and I’m not sure who was injured more between the two guys. But I think Jody is comparable to TGJ in talent. I just don’t know how he became an outfielder. He’s really bad in center, to go along with the bad arm. Gwynn is quick in center, to go along with a bad arm.
*Mike Cameron has a weak throw to the plate, but he does not have to one-hop it too much. He covers enough ground to hold players on and to take lots of runs away. So we could get a starter with the left-over cash and assume someone/some people will also get traded for a starter? Two starters and a Mike Cameron? I’d love to see it work. Let’s try.

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