Patterson joins crowded Brewers outfield

The Triple-A Nashville Sounds will have to try to make the playoffs without their hottest hitter.

The Brewers purchased Corey Patterson’s contract on Friday and the former Cubs and Reds center fielder was in uniform No. 10 for the opener of a three-game series against the Giants. Nashville, meanwhile, was in New Orleans for the start of a four-game series to end the regular season and entered the weekend 1/2 game behind division-leading Memphis.

“My concern was trying to get here, not really the Triple-A playoffs,” Patterson said after arriving at Miller Park. “Of course, if I was down there, I would play the best I could.”

He had been playing pretty well. Picked up by the Brewers on a Minor League contract on Aug. 2, three days after he was released by the Nationals, Patterson batted .331 with five home runs, 22 RBIs and seven stolen bases in 29 games for the Sounds.

Patterson’s spot was to be filled beginning Friday by Corey Hart, who began a rehabilitation assignment as he recovers from an appendectomy.

“He played pretty well down there and deserved a promotion,” Brewers manager Ken Macha said of Patterson. “He’s got Major League experience and right now he’s a bench player, but I expect him to play a couple of games.”

Patterson joined a crowded Brewers outfield. Ryan Braun is cemented in left field, Mike Cameron is the everyday center fielder and Frank Catalanotto has made the majority of starts in right field in Hart’s absence. Two others — Jason Bourgeois and Jody Gerut — have either started in right field or spelled Cameron in center, and Patterson will presumably join that group.

With Hart expected back on Tuesday, playing time figures to be extremely tight. Manager Ken Macha conceded that he is “juggling” at a number of positions.

“I ain’t worried about it,” Patterson said. “I’ve been in pretty much every situation you can be in.”

Patterson, 30, is best known by Brewers fans for his tenure with the Cubs from 2000-2005. He has appeared in the big leagues in each of the past 10

“The biggest thing to this game is the mental approach,” Patterson said. “It’s easy to play when things are going well. The hard thing is when you’re not quite getting the results. You have to respond. Some guys are better at it than others, and I think the older I get, the better I am at that approach.”

Patterson will be a free agent after the season. With his arrival, the Brewers’ 40-man roster was once again full.


Please tell me nobody is seriously considering Patterson as a long-term solution in CF. If even the (g)nats let him go, surely we have someone who could do just as well or better. I vote for keeping Cameron around, especially since he’s made the first move in the negotiations by saying he’d like to stay in Milwaukee enough to consider making a “sacrifice.” I expected this sort of call-up in September since the Crew are playing their way out of contention in hurry, but let’s not confuse late-year tryouts with permanent deals and long-term replacements.

i sure hope attanasio pulls his head out from between his legs and gets rid of melvin. he’s has not done anything this year other than bring in has beens(weathers,vargas,patternson) to name a few only good move was bringing in lopez.this reminds me of the years of bud selig owning the brewers.. they better get going on finding pitching.3 million fans this year and management could care less other than filling there pockets.ticket prices will rise again next year for a sub .500 team.i feel bad for prince and braun,best duo in baseball. if they don”t make some serious moves prince will tell them good bye and braun will ask for trade.

I have never been a fan of Cameron at the plate, and I especially don’t think he is worth his $10 mil contract. However, he is a tremendous clubhouse guy, and a solid defender. If he is serious about a bit of a hometown discount to stay around, we have to bring him back. But if it’s anywhere near $10 mil, sorry, time to find a young guy.

I agree with both. Cameron, especially if he takes a home town discount would help. Retreads do us no good and it wont be long till Braun decides that #1 he signed a bad deal and #2 Fielder sees the writing on the wall that this is looking like a .500 team at best. We need a couple strong pitchers and if Escobar and or Gamel need to go, so be it. Hardy is fine at ss with all the other pieces in place. plus Escobar will bring more on the market than Hardy right now I think. Mcgee can play 3rd if Gamel goes for a pitcher and Weeks should be 100% to play 2nd base and if Lopez goes, not the end of the world, although he would be great insurance if Weeks has health issues and/or if Counsel decides to go elsewhere and test the market

Ok mkuyawa you are a idiot… lets trade our whole farm system for pitchers. Then we can’t win cause we have no bats… We need pitchers but you don’t sell the far to get them… Hardy isn’t ok at SS his batting sucks sad say… Escobar is the future. Gamel is a good future 3b man which we need.

jayc …mcghee is our future at third base.gamel can’t hit the ball. i had to laugh when gamel was playing he was up in count 3-0 ended up striking out never lifting bat off shoulders. agree with you on hardy not only does he swing for the fences every at bat he is slllowww. macha needs to let this team run next year. moving base to base is not going to cut down on double plays. also how dumb are Melvin and Attanasio for giving up gwynn for gerut.that just proves melvin doesn’t have a clue.young fast and can hit he has proved that in san diego.

Here is what we need to do in the off-season is trade Hardy and Hart along with a no-name prospect to Minnesota for Fransisco Liriano who despretley needs a change in scenery along with Scott Baker. Then at the the deadline deal Prince to Boston for Jon Lester and/or Clay Bucholz. This way we keep Gamel and Escobar. And add pitching depth. And have we forgot that we have Lorenzo Cain in the Minors? So we keep Corey Patterson in Center Field nest season and wait for Cain.

( Minor changes) Unless we have good off- season)
2010 Milwaukee Brewers
C- J. Kendall
1B- C. McGehee
2B- R. Weeks
3B- F. Lopez
SS- A. Escobar
LF- R. Braun
CF- C. Patterson
RF- M. Gamel

Starting Rotation
1. Y. Gallardo
2. S. Baker
3. J. Lester
4. M. Parra
5. F. Liriano/ C. Bucholz

LR- C. Villanueva
MR- M. DiFelice
MR- M. Stetter
MR- T. Coffey
SU- D. Weathers
CL- T. Hoffman

C- A. Solome ( just temporary, gain MLB expierence)
INF- C. Counsell
INF- J. Koshansky
OF- J. Gerut
OF- J. Burgois

I know I forgot about Bush, Looper and Suppan trade all of them in one deal for some prospects somewhere or to all separate teams. Oh yeah and by the way i am only 16.

And hey why not throw Chris Narveson in a long reliever roll next season.

Is this really necessary? I mean, we’ve already got Jason you’re so Bourgeois.

deovs–Boston isn’t going to trade their young pitching for another 1st baseman when they have 3 already! And if we trade Prince and bring those guys up we are going to have 4 leadoff men in the lineup–Weeks, Escobar, Patterson, & Lopez! This coupled with Jason “I can’t hit worth anything” Kendall and we only have 2 or 3 players that can hit homers and that’s assuming that Gamel can hit better than the last time he came up! We need to do everything we can to keep the Prince here and trade Gamel while he is still worth something! Looper, Parra, & Gallardo will be fine so we just need to get some pitching for Gamel and Hardy!

I like the hardy and hart to minnesota, but we need to keep fielder. Melvin needs to keep lopez and move weeks to center feild. Let kendall go. If we can add another above average starter to go with gallardo and parra bush and looper should do fine for a 4 and 5 starter. Give it 1 to 2 years and when some of our minor league pitching (Mark Rogers, Eric Arnett) are ready we should be a playoff contender.

hear is mt feelingsmelvin fitst off made a bad selection when he took macha to run a teamthat made the the play off last year.he couldn’t make it any whers else so mevin made a bad jump.either willie or dale would have done better i thinkthan he never did make a decentmove for a good pitcher.soup is a good guy but is done for as for pitching goes,maybe a pitching coach. i tell you we as fans that support the team sure got a let down because of some of decision made by melvin.a replacement is in order.

you are all forgetting that jason is the heart of our pitching and in calling games so you trade him and we are in the same boat that we are now and jj is a fan favorite so you will loose money

no dont trade prince if u do give him to angels. acquire molares, escobar and a prospect. n dump kendall. sign him to minor league deal so he can help our future catchers get better at making good pitch calls. sign brad ausmus to backup. let rivera and solome catch. ausmus would catch parra, others to b worked out. and let cameron go. he strikes out too much. either sign grady sizemore or lopez and llet weeks play 2nd or CF.

What are we talking about? People if you have not noticed we are a LOSING team and if they keep this trend up next year i hate to beak it to you Prince is gonna want out, his contract is up next year, what do we really think that he is gonna want to sign long term with a losing team for less money then he will make in LA or Boston, New York essentially a big market team, come on we gotta get something for him while we still can. Otherwise in 2011 we still wont have Pitching and we will need a Firstbaseman, and look pitching wins championships more than one guy alone. And yeah i know that if he leaves Braun’s numbers will slip but even still he is a 290-30-90 guy every year as long as you have one of those and good defense and pitching youre gonna be a winner.

Did I read that right? 1 or 2 years until Rogers and Arnett or any of our minor league pitching is ready? Keep dreaming! The only pitching prospect that was getting close turned out to be a pot head who is one more test away from being out of baseball. Rogers is getting his fastball back but only pitches 2 or 3 innings a game in high A 22 starts 64 inn, he’s years from being ready if we’re lucky. Arnett isn’t getting rocked in rookie ball but an era of 4.60 doesn’t show signs of coming up in 2 years, don’t expect him soon. And did I see we’re also waiting for lorenzo Cain for 2010? He’s batting under .200 in Appleton A ball! Don’t expect anything exciting besides Gamel and Escobar.

1) Fielder’s contract is up after next season, but he is under team control for another year after that. I say you try to acquire pitching some other way and try to resign Prince next season only trading him if you cannot make a deal. If you do trade him, you need a legit #1 and a top prospect for one of the best sluggers in the game. St. Louis is the only team in the NL with a better 1B this year than Prince.
2) Moving Gamel or Weeks to OF is not the answer. Gamel needs to remain as a corner IF, in case McGehee underperforms or his knees keep bothering him and if Prince leaves via FA or trade. This team has been working endlessly on improving Weeks’ D @2B, it makes no sense to blow all that now and start over.
3) We need pitching this offseason, but the best package we can put together is Parra, Hardy, and Hart who will not likely get us a premiere ace, more likely a prospect or a top #2 guy middle of the #1 pack type. Although maybe we will get more with Parra, but I do like the idea of keeping him.
4) Hardy to MN might work but they will not want Hart since they have so many OF’s as it is.
5) I do not think Salome is MLB ready to catch. But Kendell’s MIL days are likely numbered.

Patterson is not a bad bench option too. A lefty bat with speed and solid defense. I do not think he has the stuff to start anymore, but I would take him on our bench. I’m eager to see how he works out. It’s not like we are in contention and can’t afford to give him a shot.

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