Tough lesson for prospect Gindl

e5KvMwip.jpgOutfielder Logan Schafer and right-hander Amaury Rivas were all smiles
on Saturday when they visited Miller Park to be honored as Milwaukee’s
Minor League player and pitcher of the year. The duo enjoyed a much
happier end to the season than one of their Class A Brevard County

Brewers farm director Reid Nichols said Saturday
that Caleb Gindl, an outstanding outfield prospect who missed the
Florida State League playoffs because of a broken right hand, was not injured
during his first at-bat of the regular-season finale but just after it.
Gindl grounded into a double play and then punched a door leading to
the clubhouse, suffering a non-displaced fracture.

The good news was that he led with his
non-throwing hand. The very bad news was that Gindl was placed on the
disabled list and missed the Manatees’ first-round playoff series
against Tampa.

“He said he didn’t hit it hard, but it was
enough,” Nichols said. “He was really embarrassed about it. That team
was such a cohesive unit and they supported each other so much that he
felt really bad about it.”

Gindl was upset, Nichols said,
because he needed at least two hits in the game to bat .280 for the season, a
personal goal. The outburst, Nichols said, was out of character.

not a hot-head,” Nichols said. “I told him that we don’t want him to
change the fact that he’s setting goals; we want him to have high
ideals. What’s important is how you deal with failing when you don’t
meet those goals. He knows it.”

Even though he finished below
.280 — the double-play left him with a .277 average — Gindl had a
great season. He hit 17 home runs in an extremely pitcher-friendly
park, second in the league, tied for second in the league with an .822
OPS and tied for fifth with 71 RBIs. He also stole 18 bases.
Brewers picked Gindl in the fifth round of the 2007 Draft. He was rated
the Brewers’ 11th-best prospect in the most recent installment of the
excellent’s Power 50.

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Has anyone noticed that super propect Matt Gamel struck out every 3.3 AB’s at AAA? We need contact hitters to set the table for our power guys and not one who whiffs at a rate that would be comparable to Bill Hall, Jose Henandez or for us old timers Rob Deer. Perhaps Caleb can be a go to guy of choice and not as a last resort if he matures enough not to pull stupid stunts like this one.

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