Melvin sounds off on September call-ups

Brewers GM Doug Melvin is about as mild-mannered as they come, except for two subjects: The First-Year Player Draft and expanded September rosters. Our fine Braves beat writer, Mark Bowman, wrote about the latter subject today and gave Melvin an opportunity to state his case.

It’s an interesting topic, and one that doesn’t get a lot of discussion because the focus is on pennant races. Melvin has some ideas to fix what he views as competitive imbalances. The Brewers, for the record, have 16 pitchers and 16 hitters on the active roster, though that includes a few extra arms to insure Yovani Gallardo, who has been shut down for the season, and Manny Parra, whose status remains in limbo because of a stiff neck.

Check out Mark’s story when you have a moment this evening and let me know what you think.

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This comment by Bobby Cox is just foolish – baseball isn’t a game of convenience, it’s a game that has inherent risks and strategies that need to be employed when risks become reality. An extra pitcher for the first month of the season – maybe we should offer tea at first base and manicures at third. Man-up Cox!

“I think it would help, even if you just added one pitcher to just get you through the first month,” Cox said. “When you lose your starter after just one inning because it’s cold and rainy, you’re really scrambling for the doubleheader, or when you resume that game, you end up using the whole bullpen.”

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