Brewers keep celebration simple this time

Ryan Braun rounded the bases, stepped on the plate and high-fived his teammates. This time, there was nothing to upset the opponent other than a stinging loss.

prince-fielder-2009-9-6-18-40-29.jpgBraun’s ninth-inning home run beat the Phillies on Saturday night and the Brewers opted against a choreographed celebration like the one that incensed some San Francisco Giants — and television talking heads — back on Sept. 6, when the Brewers did a “boom goes the dynamite act” after Prince Fielder’s game-winning shot.

“I think everybody was probably interested to see what we would do,” Braun said Saturday, with Fielder smiling a few lockers over. “We had some ideas, but we’ll put everything on the back burner for now.”

That probably had something to do with the angry reaction from some in the San Francisco clubhouse after Fielder’s stunt. The Phillies, like the Giants, are contending for the playoffs, and Braun figured it was better to play it straight.

“I think people take things the wrong way,” Braun said. “Our intent is not to disrespect anybody or [tick] anybody off. When it gets to that point, it’s not worth it to us. We’ll put that on hold for now.”

Said Fielder: “No fun allowed.”

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