Report: Brewers mulling Peterson as pitching coach

200px-Rick_Peterson.jpgThe Brewers could hire Rick Peterson to be their pitching coach for 2010, according to a report from on Sunday.

Citing Major League sources, the report said Brewers officials have held internal discussions about Peterson but haven’t reached out to him. Brewers manager Ken Macha worked alongside Peterson in Oakland, and bench coach Willie Randolph managed the Mets for three seasons with Peterson as his pitching coach.

When Macha took over as Brewers manager last fall, he was encouraged to keep as many coaches as possible from the previous season and promoted longtime Brewers bullpen coach Bill Castro to the pitching coach post to replace Mike Maddux, who departed for Texas. Castro was dismissed on Aug. 12 and replaced on an interim basis by Triple-A pitching coach and former Brewer Chris Bosio.

Bosio is presumably a candidate for the full-time job next season but Macha may want to being in his own man, assuming he’s back as manager.

Including Dave Bush’s loss to the Phillies on Sunday, Brewers pitchers have a 4.75 ERA this season, next to last in the National League.


I was at the Brewers/Phillies game today and can understand why they desperately need someone to take the bull by the horns. My seat was directly over the bullpen and I arrived to see Dave Bush throw 40-50 pitches to Mike Rivera before the game started. There was no evidence of any coaching at any level during the warmup and it amazed me to see a starting pitcher throw that many balls just before he went to the mound. It was obvious that he was trying several different pitches during that period, but I never saw anyone giving him advice. If these guys are on a strict pitch count during the game, what about before it starts and how about a little help from the coaches to see if his stuff is working ?

That’s pretty much the ‘Norm’ for pitchers warming up before they start a game. The pitch count during the game is usually around 100 pitches, and with the 40-50 pitches, it totals up to be around 150 pitches…

Usually there should be a pitching coach observing the starter warming up, but the pitching coach also has ‘other’ duties before, during, and after the game…

I too would like to see a pitching coach observe the starter warming up, in case the pitcher looks like he moght be throwing in a way that could hurt himself.

Usually, the coaching of pitchers takes place during praice or before a game. Some pitching coaches don’t like to tell a pitcher what to do because they feel that it might disrupt the pitchers rythum, or that the pitcher might become slightly agitated, so they let the pitchers pitch thier own game.

Good pitching coaches however do stop pitchers and give advice, and they do take control of the bull pen, and do instruct pitchers based upon that coaches past expperience. However, Milwaukee’s pitching coaches have been to lax when it comes to that. The exception would be Mike Maddox…The pitchers too must get off thier high horse and attitudes and realize that the pitching coach is the boss, not the other way around….The crew needs a change in coaches….

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