Brewers, Reds complete Weathers deal

The Brewers announced Friday that they had sent cash to the Reds to complete the Aug. 9 trade that brought veteran reliever David Weathers to Milwaukee. Weathers appeared 25 times for the Brewers and posted a 4.88 ERA, giving him a 3.92 ERA in 68 games between the two teams.

He turned 40 on Sept. 25 and the Brewers have until 10 days after the World Series to decide whether to exercise Weathers’ $3.7 million club option. If the team declines, Weathers gets $400,000 and a chance to test his value in free agency.


Please do not resign Weathers.

I am happy to see that the reds did not sign Pole to coach in 2010. I felt as soon a pitcher came up he started to make changes in a delivery that was sussfull in AAA.

I would be very surprised if anyone (especially the Brewers) signs him at 3.7 million. He’s still a capable BP guy, but not at that price.

Why not Ted Power for pitching coach? He’s certainly familiar with the staff and was successful at Louisville.

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