Peterson interested in Marlins, too

The Brewers want to wrap-up their search for a pitching coach very soon and all indications have been that former A’s and Mets coach Rick Peterson is the leading candidate. But the Brewers are looking at other coaches, and Peterson is reportedly looking at other teams.

Here’s what Peterson told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel about the Marlins:

“I’m definitely interested,” Peterson said. “No question about it. I think they can win and I think they can win very soon. With their young pitching, obviously you have to keep them healthy and get a little more production out of them. That’s pretty much been my track record in my career.”

As that story points out, Peterson saw a lot of the Marlins during parts of five seasons as the pitching coach in New York. Florida might also be alluring because Peterson is from the East Coast

I also mentioned the Reds as a possibility for Peterson, and heard that he had indeed called that club expressing interest but as of late last week had not formally interviewed.

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